Harborough Counselling
 Harborough Counselling

Why Counselling?

Sometimes family and friends are the last people we feel able to talk to, when we are struggling with something.  It might be that they are part of the problem or we may not want to 'burden' them or perhaps we just fear their judgement. This is where Counselling can come in! A Counsellor is someone who is trained to listen and is removed from our everyday life, making it easier to be open and honest.  We can then begin to work through and process our thoughts and feelings in a non-judgemental space.

What can you expect to get out of Counselling?


Counselling works on different levels and I tailor my style of working to meet the needs of each individual. It may be that you just need a bit of space to get things off your chest; you might be looking for strategies to help reduce anxiety and depression or you might want to look in greater depth at the reasons behind your current issues.  I offer short-term and long-term counselling in order to meet the differing needs of each person.

I offer Counselling for:


*Adverse Childhood Events



*Low self-esteem

*Relationship problems





Fully qualified Counsellor & Clinical Supervisor

Free initial consultation

Off-road parking

£50 per Counselling session 

Call 01858 289098 for an informal chat.